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** Greetings from the RKO ELECTRIC COMPANY !!!! **

Welcome to RKO Electric !!

Top Quality and 100% Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority - ALWAYS !!

~ THE Professional Electrical Choice ~

Bangor, Maine Business Office Hours :

Mon-Fri 7am - 3:30 pm

Sat,Sun, Holidays - CLOSED

Other hours by appointment ONLY

*** UPDATE *** RKO Electric is now accepting applications for upcoming work ! Are you a top notched and experienced Maine Licensed Electrician (Master or Journeyman only) who takes great pride in a job well done..? If so, we'd certainly like to talk with you about joining our first rate electrical team ! Please give us a call at (207)-945-5536....and leave us a message - we WILL get back to you !! Or, send a brief letter of application/resume along with 3 references to:


---CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE --- RKO ELECTRIC will soon be offering EXPANDED services for ALL our customers well into the Millennium with the latest technology, quality wiring and services !! Check back often for more details....we plan to grow FAST !!

* NOTE * Due to the recent family tragedy...the RKO expansion has been delayed

(see IMPORTANT NOTICE at bottom of page)

For reliable and top quality Electrical Work - GO RKO !!
THE choice for all your Residential,Commercial and Light Industrial Electrical Work!!
- If it's electrical that you need...then RKO is the ONLY name that you need to know -

Electrical Questions..? Ask a top ranked electrical expert at Allexperts.com, (Master Bob) CLICK HERE Allexperts.com

Maine Electrician needing a CODE update..?? RKO Electric highly recommends Abbott Career Schools 15 hour home update course....created by a fellow Master Electrician and very well done. For more information, please write to : Abbott Career Schools, P O Box 11342, Portland ME 04104 Phone : (207)-283-9646 - or - send any questions to: abbott1@maine.rr.com



[] FREE Estimates provided !
[] Over 34+ years experience !
[] Complete Electrical Systems !
[] Troubleshoot and Repair Work !
[] Prompt, Professional Service !
[] Latest in "Smart" Home wiring !
[] FULLY Insured/Accredited Company !
[] Structured Wiring - New or retrofit !
[] Home/Business Networking - Cat5/5e/6 !
[] Computer Set-up/Customizing & Repairs !
[] Blue Print Work/System Design and Layout !
[] Fire and Security Alarm System Installation !
[] New Wiring or Service Upgrades (big or small)!
[] Detailed Electrical Inspections for your home !
[] Temp & Direct work/Contract/Sub-Contract/Hourly Rates !
[] Seniors, Schools/Churches, Non-profits = 10% Discounts !
[] Flexibilty...we'll try to plan all the work around YOUR schedule !!!
All this and SO MUCH, MUCH MORE - Give RKO Electric a CALL Today!
Please - DO Compare Prices ..you'll find our value simply unbeatable !
Simply put...if it's electrical - we CAN do it !! Big or Small...
** For customer convenience - RKO will soon accept Visa/Mastercard ! **

Leave a message with RKO Electric at: (207)-945-5536

Fax RKO Electric at: (207)945-5536

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high volume of daily calls....and in FULL support of the Federal/State "do not call" lists - we may NOT take any incoming calls displayed as UNKNOWN. If you are trying to reach us...please take the necessary steps to unblock your info and display your FULL Caller ID ...(typically *88 on most services)... or you simply may NOT get thru. Thank you.

SEND BUSINESS E-MAIL TO: RKOElectric@myfairpoint.net
SEND PERSONAL E-MAILS TO: ozzy76@myfairpoint.net



OR...by Postal Mail at: RKO ELECTRIC, P.O.BOX 1171, BANGOR, ME 04402

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Join the scientific search for extraterrestrials at S.E.T.I. !!

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(SHORT VERSION) As some of you may already know...Bob and Tammy recently lost their "Little Miracle"....one they both wanted so badly. BUT - Despite this tragedy - All is certainly NOT lost....Miracles happen everyday....and we are starting a collection for the next "Little Miracle" - which now is going to involve a complex and VERY expensive "in Vitro" medical procedure....which may be outside our grasp. All those interested in helping or contributing to the " Save Our Baby " fund....please inquire at any of the e-mails above....or send any donations directly to: (made payable to: Robert Osgood)

"Save Our Baby"


P.O. Box 1171

Bangor, ME 04402

The one single biggest dream this sweet lady has......is just to simply be a "Mommy"..(something so many women take for granted)...and it's one dream - if it's the LAST thing I ever do on this earth....that I'm going to do everything possible to help make sure comes TRUE.

Please pray for us......together I have complete Faith we can make this dream happen for her....and for us.

100% of ALL contributions will be used solely towards achieving that goal. Please note that any monetary contributions made are NOT tax deductible.

Contribution Totals will be updated monthly and posted on this site by donor starting in Late Fall of 2005 ....please check back monthly to see your name listed world-wide at the new link (coming soon) !! The wishes of ALL anonymous donors will be fully respected.

** UPDATE ** We attended our 1st consultation/review with the IVF doctors on July 6th in Portland at the Maine Medical Center....and were given the FULL green light to procede !! On-going follow-up appointments and lab work started us firmly down the path towards that goal...our 2nd Portland trip on October 29th went well...but they found a polyp during the sonohysterogram exam on our 4th trip on November 17th which will needed to be surgically removed...so this moved everything back one week....BUT - despite these minor setbacks - the recent ultrasound on December 7th showed 28 follicles - so the meds are working VERY well. At the RSC early Dec 21st, 2004 - 10 eggs were retrieved and on Christmas Eve, 2 embryo's were successfully transferred !!!...Everything is looking GREAT !! *** FIRST ATTEMPT results - First Cycle test results = NEGATIVE !!! So we now plan to move forward with a 2nd attempt..scheduled for April 7th, 2005 in Lexington,MA ..... (PLEASE....PRAY with us...)
2ND ATTEMPT results - 2nd attempt ALSO Failed.

A 3RD (and FINAL) attempt - possibly using the state of the art hi-tech blastocyst transfer procedure - is now fully under way as of September 12, 2005....Stay tuned for updates and results....

We would both like to Thank you all for the TREMENDOUS support and letters we've already received so far from our families and friends!! We are especially grateful to all the doctors, nurses and staff at Maine Medical Center in Portland, the Reproductive Science Center in Lexington, MA....and the many fine people here in Greater Bangor Area and EMMC for going the extra mile. May God Bless you all.... !!!

For LONG VERSION, click here : Tammy's Personal Story/IVF Diary....and other IVF links.

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